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Free WordPress Themes

Download Free WordPress themes with Slider

Free WordPress themes have become very popular among bloggers and website owners. They can be easily customized and added with a variety of features. These themes are suitable for many fields like wedding, fashion, photography, small business and blogging and personal. These themes are very much suitable with the needs of E-commerce websites. They are also compatible with popular plugins of WordPress and contact form 7. Most free themes have elegant and beautiful designs. They are fully compatible with the advanced versions of WordPress. They carry attractive designs and are search engine optimized.

1. Why our themes are unique?

You might wonder how are themes are unique and different? Why are our WordPress themes different from others though they are available free of cost. Let’s study the valid reasons. Our themes work on GPL interface. They carry and work on free software that is distributed among bloggers and websites owners free of cost. You can easily create personal websites and commercial websites for business use. You can download our themes from WordPress and use it to host their websites without paying any buck. For this reason free themes from WordPress have become the most used themes by bloggers and website owners.

2. How to use our themes?

It is very easy to use our themes. Just click on any theme. Take observation of the demo. If you like the theme, just download it. You can save the downloaded theme in the zip file. After downloading the theme you should see its look out, add the theme to your blog or website. You will have to use the free theme from WordPress in a prompt way. Once you have uploaded the theme it will get activated. After getting the free theme activated visit the section of appearance you can customize it. You select a favorite appearance and convert it into a well developed template.

3. Theme option features

Choosing the option features of a theme is a very easy task. The most pleasant advantage of these themes over standard WordPress customizing system is that it utilizes the available space properly. The option features of free WordPress themes with slider are easy to use. You can also add a lot of options to these features. One condition in this concern is that the customizing system should be uncluttered. You can list as many features in WordPress themes that are being provided for free. You can also make desired changes at the backend and whenever they change then you will have to check the frontend.

4. Design point of view

You can easily fix your favorite designs at our free themes from WordPress. These designs are one of the top most ones around the globe. With them you can keep concentrating on aesthetics. WordPress provides free templates that are having a well designed user interface along with advanced styles and techniques.

5. Responsive and mobile friendliness

All the free website themes at WordPress have been well tested on Google. This search engine has proved that free themes at WordPress are mobile friendly. They have passed all tests and have a responsive attitude with handy tools and devices. Most smartphones can run all free web themes with success.

6. Fast loading

Any website is regarded to be good it has a fast loading speed of content, images and videos. Thus you should make minimum use of CSS and JS. Always make use of search engine optimized images and photos in our WordPress theme. You should follow the best website coding practices so that your chosen theme can get uploaded faster. Always choose such themes that are super fast in processing. In this context you can consult with website hosting experts.

7. SEO friendliness

It is essential to get our free theme search engine optimized to gain more online visitors and web traffic. In other words we can say that our theme should be SEO friendly with correct meta tags and keywords. It should possess semantic coding for best results.

8. Pixel perfect

The free themes of WordPress have been loaded with perfect coding. Their design displays all perfect matches automatically.

9. HTML 5 based

The standard of HTML 5 based is applicable on all templates. When you fix this standard on free WordPress themes and use them to create a perfect blog or website.

10. CSS 3 based

CSS 3 based means that the latest and advanced standards of CSS changes instantly. They have plugin buttons that can be operated easily on the free themes of WordPress.

11. Translation ready

The readiness of language translation on WordPress themes have been demanded by many customers who are using these themes. Many international website visitors do not understand English language. For this reason we suggest you to use and install language translators on your WordPress blogs or websites. Thus when you use a free theme from WordPress then just check Po file. This file can be utilized to convert themes into any desired language.

12. Multilingual

Multilingual is desired in all free blog or website themes. This system should be tested with plugins of multilingual system. If you want a website or blog in multiple languages then you should make extensive use of multilingual system.

13. Huge list of plugin compatibility

When you download free WordPress themes with responsive slider you will come across 5000+ plugins. You can use each plugin system for different needs. If the available plugins are compatible with your free theme then you can fulfill any kind of blogging or website operating requirement. If you use the right plugin then you can create any kind of blog or website.

14. Codex theme standard

The codex theme standard is based on a variety of rules. Security rules have also been included in this list. In fact the free themes of WordPress have very high coding standards.

15. Importance of free WordPress themes with slider for small business and budget friendliness

There are many people who want to run an online small business at the lowest cost budget. Finally we want to say that free themes of WordPress are very budget friendly. They can help you to set up your own business with less money.

If you need to know about how to use free WP themes. It will help you at its best to choose the best free themes to set up a blog or website at WordPress.

Our Best Free WordPress Themes

When it comes to setting up a website, you cannot go wrong by opting to base it on a WordPress platform for the simple reason that WordPress provides you with better flexibility, rich themes, advanced tools that you can utilize to optimize your website along with third party plugin compatibility which you can utilize to increase your website’s functionality. Just check out some of the free WordPress themes listed below and you should get a better idea of how diverse the themes can be and the fact that most of these themes come with pre-built pages, templates that you can use “as it is” and some of them allow you a great degree of customization as well. Whether you are looking to set up a personal blog or a business website, these free WordPress templates with responsive Slider should do the trick; you can customize these templates as you see fit and even tinker with the layout structure and even tweak the font that’s used. WordPress comes with a great CMS system and one that makes it easy for you to add, edit and modify content in an instant, to upload high resolution images, media files and much more. At the end of the day, you need to be able to customize your website as per your preference and be able to post keyword rich content on to the same with ease. With these free WP themes, you should be able to do that and much more. Check out the free WordPress themes posted below.

  • Pulsing Lite

    This free WordPress theme is perfect for business organization, corporate sectors, digital agency, portfolio, blog, personal or any other online business projector if you are providing any business related services, then this theme should be a good fit. Pulsing Litecomes with more than the usual bundled templates; while the free WordPress templates are great, it also comes with better functionality than most other themes. The overall design is perfect and the layout with the drop down menu makes it easy for your users to locate any relevant information they need, right away.

  • Combine Lite

    On the outset, this seems to be a simple Professional WordPress theme free download but that only belies the fact that this theme comes with some great functionality and what’s more, it has already been tested for mobile compatibility, so your users should be able to review your website without any loss of functionality when checking it out on their mobile phones. It comes in both free and premium versions so you can decide which one to go for, depending on your requirements. From the aesthetics POV, the layout and the simple, uncluttered design manages to provide it with a professional touch. The theme is multi-purpose and you can use it for any business or personal use.

  • Massage Spa

    If you are planning to setup a health and wellness website or are running a spa, then this would be the theme that you need. It comes in both free and premium versions and it also comes bundled with several WordPress free templates for you to pick from. The overall design is great, the simple flow and the strategic use of white space and minimalism manages to attract your eyes to relevant portions of the website. In other words, with advanced functionality being built in, you should be able to use this website to attract more prospective leads and give a boost to your online traffic as well.

  • EaterStop Lite

    If you are running a restaurant or in food business, then this theme would be a good fit but it should be pointed out that even though this theme was mainly designed for restaurants and organizations in food business, it is essentially a multi-purpose free WordPress theme. The theme has been tested for compatibility with third party plugins, browsers and is also mobile friendly; apart from this, the theme comes with several WordPress free templates bundled in along with built in page builders that you can use to create other pages for your website. It also comes with a drop down menu that should enable you to list all the items in your menu along with requisite high resolution images. The theme is woo commerce compatibility and with third party plugins, you should also be able to use the same to provide your customers with a streamlined food delivery service as well.

  • Prevalent

    This is one free WordPress theme that makes it a lot easier to customize your whole website; it comes with a customizer that you can use to modify and tweak your website to your heart’s content and the process is automated and no coding is required on your part. This theme is perfect for those looking to develop a traveling based website or if you are a traveling agency, then this would be a good fit. The theme comes with a streamlined layout, a good design, with drop down menus and sliders as well as galleries that you can use for your various food items. It also comes with advanced functionality and is compatible with third party plugins as well as being mobile friendly.

  • Touring Zone Lite

    If you are into adventure sports or love hiking, then this free WordPress theme would be a great fit. This theme comes with bundled free WP templates with advanced functionality; moreover the theme has already been tested for mobile friendliness and is tablet ready as well. So your audience should be able to view the complete website without any loss of functionality. With this theme, your site should be 100% responsive and it is also multi-lingual, so you can utilize several translator plugins to readily translate the content of the website into other languages. This should help you target a larger demographic and give a boost to your rankings as well as to your online traffic. It is also compatible with various social media plugins so you can use your accounts on these social media platforms to market your site more effectively. The overall design is great and with this theme, you should be able to read out to more customers seamlessly.